Aluminium Access Panel (Ceiling & Wall)

Installed exclusively for ceilings and walls that use panels (12 13) mm. The New Classic Access Panel is a gypsum wallboard access panel with concealed hardware that blends seamlessly into your wall or ceiling. Once installed and finished to match the surrounding area, hinge & handle less , a clean 2mm. reveal is all that remains visible. All elegant and functional surface treatments can be applied.


A. Single Leaf Doors

For Use in:

Assemblies Clad in Gypsum Wallboard ½” (13mm) QR 5/8” (16mm)

New Construction or Repairs Rough Openings in GWP Without Abutting Structures


Recessed Aluminum Extrusions

Frame ACTS as Finishing Edge

1/16” (2mm) Gap Between Frame and Door

Standard Features:

Strong Concealed Aluminum Frame and Hardware

Concealed Mechanical Touch Latch

Lift out Doors With Safety Cables

Moisture Resistant GWB Inlay

Perimeter Gasket (air & Smoke Tight)


Free Pivoting Hinge

Door Can be Removed for Maximum Clearance


Concealed Touch Latch (Standard)

Cam Latch (Optional)

Tamper Resistant Cam Latch (Optional)

Keyed Lock (Optional)

Standard Sizes

B. Double leaf doors:

C. Multi leaf doors

D. External Access doors

  • Can be customized to suit most larger openings.

  • Multiple, hinge less, fully removable sections

  • No center bar.


•Easy installation.

• Widely used.

• Stable quality.

• Easy clean.

• Easy maintenance.

• Easy transportation.

• Not easy to damage.

• Have fire prevention.

• Environmental protection.

Applicable Scope:

•Widely used in government building, airport, hotels, offices, shops, villas, other places of household, …… etc.

For in use:

•All assemblies clad in gypsum board (12.5) mm.

• Wall or ceiling installation.

• New construction or repairs.

• Custom size.

• Its applicable to fire and non fire rated areas.


Virtually invisible access opening.

• (2) mm visible

• Clean, continuous surfaces without visible hardware.

• Variety of finishing options.

• Superior acoustics with gasket and mass of Gypsum board in door.

• Maximum clearance with removable door leaf.

• Custom size, custom inlays, and custom hardware.

Customized inlay design option:

•Additional gypsum board layers (fire rated Circumstances

• Ceramic tile backer board (bathrooms).

• Marble backer board (bathrooms & External elevations

• Acoustical inlay options (offices & meeting rooms).

• Cement board (external elevations).

• GRP. Board (water proof circumstances).

• Preparation wood inlay veneer (wood decorations).